On The Docket: What To Expect From The 2019 Triton Owners Tournament


One of the more famous (and lucrative) tournaments is the Triton Owners Tournament. Occurring every year in the Kentucky Lake in Paris, Tennessee, the bass fishing competition encourages Triton boat owners to test their mettle against Man and Nature alike. 

Last year's winners were a father-son team who beat out over 300 contestants and took home the grand prize for bringing in 32.37 lbs of bass. Let's take a look at some FAQ about 2019's Triton boats tournament.

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Is It Time Upgrade Or Turn In Your Boat?


It's no secret that Americans love to fish. As of 2016, fishing was the second most popular outdoor activity. Unfortunately, fishing boats don't last forever.

Enough wear and tear from being out on the water can put a boat out of commission. But how do you know if your fishing boat is ready to turn in for good or if it just needs some elbow grease?

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